Thursday, December 27, 2012

Well I DEFINITELY decided to downsize our gardens this year. And then these darned seed catalogs showed up. Still down sizing BUT, you know, I can squeeze this or that in here or there. Why do I get the feeling I won't be as downsized as I had planned. lol - Seed catalogs are my new addiction. sighhhhhh - But I think truly I can safely blame this on Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, Southern Exposure Seed Exchange and possibly Harris Seeds. I'm sure it's entirely THEIR faults I can't totally down size. Then there are the various blogs I follow pertaining to gardening. It's just never going to end and even an intervention will only make me buy different or better varieties. 

Have a good day, I'll be lost in the pages of various seed catalogs, perusing my non-controlled substances. Bring on the spring. The warm soil and sunshine.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

How boring life would be

If we didnt have each other.

We'd have no one to make us laugh or help us cry.

There'd be no one to say hello or goodbye.

I don't know how the day would begin and surely don't know how it would end.

But for now i have you and you have me and we keep each other in harmony.