Thursday, December 27, 2012

Well I DEFINITELY decided to downsize our gardens this year. And then these darned seed catalogs showed up. Still down sizing BUT, you know, I can squeeze this or that in here or there. Why do I get the feeling I won't be as downsized as I had planned. lol - Seed catalogs are my new addiction. sighhhhhh - But I think truly I can safely blame this on Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, Southern Exposure Seed Exchange and possibly Harris Seeds. I'm sure it's entirely THEIR faults I can't totally down size. Then there are the various blogs I follow pertaining to gardening. It's just never going to end and even an intervention will only make me buy different or better varieties. 

Have a good day, I'll be lost in the pages of various seed catalogs, perusing my non-controlled substances. Bring on the spring. The warm soil and sunshine.

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