Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Life is full of curve balls

Life sure can be full of curve balls. Some of them even good.
 Most recently the curve I've been thrown was an amazing reminder of how much I do know to be able to help myself get my online shop Grandma Bs Emporium actually up and running and online.

The best advice I was ever given came from my graphics teacher. When you want to design a webpage, start old school with paper and pencil THEN go to the computer. I had totally forgotten such an innocent first step. See how far technology can set a being back. lol

On that note, the next few weeks will be very busy getting our page up and running. I'd like to launch the actual page by January 1, 2013 and have a lot (but not as much as I thought) to do.

So if your into hand-crafted, homemade goodness, trendy resale items, or just in general following the craziness of a "picker at large" stick around. It might be fun.

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