Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tickles update

Big disappointment. Not in Tickles herself, she's too sweet for that, but in the fact that I was sold a "milking doe" which has turned out to be not in milk. Sighhhhhhh. I could get my money back BUT I've already gotten attached to Tickles and don't want to do that. So the only thing to do is wait for her to kid in February (and I darn sure hope she and Dee Dee are actually bred) and then milk her after she freshens.

So disappointed. We were really looking forward to the fresh goats milk.

But the upside is, Tickles is acclimating quite well now that I am not trying to milk the poor dear and she has nothing to give.

Poor herdsman skills on the part of the previous owner if you ask me. If your going to raise, breed and sell goats, you should at least know exactly what you are raising, breeding and selling.

Oh well. Onward and upward as I always say.

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