Monday, November 26, 2012

Tickles the goat

Well it seems Tickles is not handling her new environment well. She has virtually quit milking, was doing nothing but laying around all the time. Just kind of hunched up in one corner. And won't eat.

I've given her Probios to help with the eating issue and noticed last night that she is at least getting up now and moving around. She still isn't giving milk. But honestly I am okay, even though I'm terribly disappointed about it, because at least she is still healthy and getting up to move around.

Unfortunately I am starting to wonder if these two are actually even bred as they are both due in February and neither of them even remotely looks pregnant. I am more concerned about health of kids at this stage if they are in fact bred.

Constantly reminding myself that just because I didn't do it, doesn't mean it wasn't done right.

I will probably have to contact the previous owner if this situation doesn't straighten itself out.

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