Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Saturday Night Farm Report

Changing the name of this particular blog to The Saturday Night Farm Report. Seems to cover just about anything I can blog about. lol


YAY!!! Miss Tickles has apparently started to get comfy. She finally decided to eat some hay and was eating her grain pretty well at milking time.

I did have to cheat and giver her a little bit of Probios, but better that than let her go hungry and possibly get sick from the stress. she really is a lovely little lady.

And her pen mate Dee Dee is everything a mischievous Nubian has ever been reported to be. She certainly likes to command attention and truly does respond in a positive way when she gets it.

Although tickles gives less milk than I expected, I am grateful for what she does give. At least I don't have to pay $5.35 a gallon for watered down, "enriched" by-products they pass of to consumers in the grocery stores.

I really am excited for the babies to come in February. Have a great evening and thanks for being here.


The white one (Sanaan) is Tickles, she's having a little trouble adjusting, but I think we will be fine. The brown one (Nubian) is Dee Dee. She has just discovered sweet feed and I can tell I will have to be very careful with that one.
Milking went a little better this morning, so every step forward is a thing to be grateful for.
Oh and both are due to have kids in Feb. 2013.


Well Tickles the Sanaan and Dee Dee the nubian arrived here at their new home today.

So far, Dee Dee has seemed to settle in very well. Nubians are like that. They recover from their stresses well and as long as their is something they can be nosy about they are happy. Long ears, short attention span.

However, Tickles has not fared as well. I think. She is either very stressed out or the previous owner did not realize the goat doesn't produce much milk at all. At milk time tonight she gave less than 2 cups. I am hoping it gets better in the morning.

One thing I have to remember is she is not used to being hand milked, she's always been on a machine.  I've never really dealt with Sanaans before and don't know how well they recover from stress. Time will tell but I hope for her sake it doesn't take too much time. I wouldn't get rid of her because she doesn't produce but if she SHOULD be producing and isn't that can lead to a disease called mastitis which can be very painful and dangerous to the animal.

Hoping for better results in the AM.


  1. A dream for me, you lucky girl, someday perhaps...can you see me driving my lil' Shasta with a goat and chickens stickin out the back world affairs as they are, it could happen!

    My daughter drank goat milk all of her childhood for her allergies, it was so good and no difference in taste from least the crap they sell at the stores. None of us drink milk now...till I get my goat...hahaha...have fun, I'll be watchin!

    1. Don't laugh. I was sitting here last night trying to figure out how long the trailer needs to be to put them in one end and me in the other. I think 22' should work. lol